Shortcuts for your texts

Super fast access
to texts you are copying
and pasting all the time, folders and emojis

Open Shortexts now and get more Productive in seconds

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*Currently available for Mac OSX from 11 - Big Sur



Why Shortexts

You might want to use shortexts to paste recurrent texts faster in your docs, text editor, emails...

For example you can paste very fast stuff like ...


I've been using it for a couple of months now, and I have saved quite a bit of time of searching for texts and passwords in folders, text files, excels, websites ...

I'm very glad I decided to develop it... I think i couldn't do it with it anymore since I use it multiple times a day!


How it works

  1. Download the app, move it to Applications folder and open it

    Warning: You will be warned to give Accesibility permissions. That permission is necessary to let you paste the data you want to pase.

    You can allow it by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and give permissions to run it.

  2. Go somewhere you write (Word, text editor, email…). Then press CMD+L and a search box will appear
  3. Type “Lorem” as an example and press enter
  4. WOW! That was fast! wasn't it?

  5. Now press CMD+SHIFT+L and start saving texts you want to paste fast
  6. NOW FLY! You can access your texts very fast pressing CMD+L

Remember: Check "Run at startup" to have it always available.



See it in Action

Press CMD+L and paste, for example, a footer on your email

Press CMD+L and paste some emojis

Open Folders (or urls)

Press CMD+SHIFT+L and Inserting a new text




Pasting text

Main window

Adding new text for later user

Adding new text for later user


Search Window



What permissions do the app need?

To work, Shortexts only need "Accesibility permission"

You will be prompted to allow permissions when your first run it.

That permissions is needed to make the app work, to let it paste your texts.

Privacy and data collection

No need to say, but I'll make sure just in case.

Shortexts is a local app: it doesn't send any data through the internet. You are safe.

The only connection it performs is at the startup to see if there's new version, but other than that, everything is local.

Is it free?

Yes, there's the free versión, and the PRO version.

The free version may be enough for you, it only limits the number of entries, but they are quite enough.

But if you use heavily the app or want to contribute you can aquire the PRO version

Any other thing?

Great! Send me a message and i'll answer asap. You can do so in the next form.



Contact us for Feedback or Questions

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